New Balance 998: Berlin Inspired Trainers

   Whilst, in general, this writer is an advocate of formal footwear as a key to a dapper gentlemen's wardrobe, it must be noted that I have, on occasion, had my head turned by the occasional trainer. I'm not saying I'll ever leave behind my love of brogues and desert boots but I can't state with utter confidence either that I won't have an irregular tryst or dalliance with the odd pair of sporting footwear.

   As long-term readers of the blog will note, I have a weakness for coloured footwear. In providing an anchor for an outfit, nothing as important as the choice of shoe but this doesn't mean our choices have to be dour. The odd primary colour or splash of vibrancy can be an essential part of adding life to a sartorial composition. As such, it is no surprise that I have had my head term by the latest trainer from New Balance - the Made In the USA 998.

   The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that the three colours which constitute this trainer are the same as those found on the Bundesflagge und Handelsflagge - the flag of Germany. This is no accident of serendipity but rather stemming from the fact the design has been inspired specifically by the city of Berlin to coincide with New Balance opening a store in the city's Mitte district.

   Aside from being incredibly aesthetically pleasing the Made In The USA 998 got me imagining what a trainer inspired by the British flag would like. The answer is not too pretty if we're being frank here - they're the type of things I can imagine Shed Seven wearing to the 1997 Brit Awards. Not only do Germany have a better national anthem than us, they also have a better flag. Does it make me unpatriotic to state these facts? Perhaps. My opinions on how much Deutschland will tear England apart if they come face to face at the Euros certainly are, but I digress.

   The shoes are, of course, limited edition so you'll have to move fast to get them - its easy to believe they are going to be much sought after (by Germans and non-Germans alike). These are sleek, stylish and colourful without being overbearing or intrusive - they're easy to introduce to a wardrobe without causing too much chaos. The same can't be said of a hypothetical Union Jack pair though - what could one possibly team those with?

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