New Balance ML2016 Tokyo Design

   After recently writing about the launch of New Balance's inspired, limited edition 998 Made In The USA kicks , I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review another of the brand's premium 2016 trainers. As in the case of the former range, these are sleek, stylish, and a victory of modern design.

   The ML2016 series, as they have been dubbed, have been released as part of New Balance 's 110th anniversary. Fittingly, and as with the best commemorative products, these are shoes which manage to look back into history whilst simultaneously peering into the future. The classic materials provide a retro edge, whilst a contemporary minimalist design - as best represented by the perforated "N" logo - gives the footwear a forward-thinking aesthetic too.

   The special-edition sneakers, created by New Balance's Tokyo Design Studio, also include one of the brand's true innovations - the "Abzorb" sole. Anyone who has ever sported a pair of the footwear giant's trademark trainers will agree that the cushioning provided through a unique blend of rubber and foam creates an unparalleled level of comfort. This is as true as ever with the ML2016  Buffed Brown  sneakers which illustrate this post - walking in these feels like walking on pillows (It should be noted that this same design is also available in black and grey).

   One of the many reasons these sneaks represent an essential Spring/Summer 2016 purchase, however, comes from the sheer versatility they provide to a man's wardrobe. Whilst obviously the ML2016s can be utilised as part of an athleisure composition, this writer humbly suggests that fulfilling the real potential of the shoe comes from their utilisation as part of a more smart-casual ensemble. Using the shoes as a sartorial substitute for more formal choices - such as brogues or loafers - can enliven any outfit, replacing sobriety with pizzazz and energy. Indeed, I would suggest that even with the adoption of neutral colours for the rest of one's outfit, the tonal life which these trainers provide is undeniable.

   For any dapper gentleman looking to add contemporary twists and casual elegance to their everyday appearance, I simply cannot recommend the ML2016s enough. Whist there is a propensity for many a young man to sacrifice style for comfort - or, indeed, on rare occasions vice versa - these New Balance kicks mean that one does not have to make such tough decisions any more. The durability traditionally associated with the brand's footwear, and the aforementioned comfort factor, make them a perfect choice of shoe to adorn our feet in our day-to-day lives.

   New Balance's full catalogue can be browsed here - this writer would suggest that you put aside a full afternoon to give them a browse because, even more so than the trainers highlighted and mentioned in this post, the brand have an incredible collection of shoes to consider adding to your wardrobe. Be sure to follow them on Twitter here and Facebook here .


  1. These are very handsome! I love the colour, a it less 'in your face' than many trainers!

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    1. Aye - I love their subtlety and elegance. Good work New Balance!

  2. New Balance Shoes are an extraordinary item. I have been wearing them for more than ten years! With regards to solace they are the best. I am on my feet throughout the day on solid floors and I have been through a wide range of sorts of shoes. New Balance Walking Shoes for men has by a long shot been the best I have worn.

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  3. The ML2016 arrangement, as they have been named, have been discharged as a major aspect of New Balance's 110th commemoration. Fittingly, and as with the best memorial items, these are shoes which figure out how to think once more into history whilst at the same time peering into what's to come. The great materials give a retro edge, whilst a contemporary moderate configuration - as best spoke to by the punctured "N" logo - gives the footwear a ground breaking tasteful as well.

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