A Gentleman's Guide To Wallets

A Gentleman's Guide To Wallets    One area that men will often neglect when composing an outfit, something I have mentioned before and no doubt will again, is their use of accessories. Whilst previously on this blog I have mentioned the co-ordination of belts and shoes, and the oft-forgotten use of pocket squares, one important area of dress I have yet to mention is the use of wallets in completing a full gentlemanly look. Most of us are far more concerned not with how our wallets look but with what is (or is not) actually in them and, when it comes to shopping, they are probably the most overlooked item in a man's ensemble, coming bottom of a shopping list behind watches, shoes or glasses.

    I myself have been found guilty of neglect in this area - as its not something that can be seen in the mirror in the same way as a suit, for example, it is often not until I go to pay the bills that I realise how much my wallet has been left in a state of disregard. Aside from my cards, my notes and my loose change, I often find myself guilty of stuffing my wallet to the limits with extra burdensome items; receipts and train tickets often push my wallets seams to the edge of breaking point as I forget to transfer them to a more appropriate place.

   As such, I have made myself a vow to start afresh in terms of wallet use - no more will I let it be a place to over-accumulate items and I aim to re-invest in a brand spanking new wallet which I shall take care of to the same degree I do my shoes. Here are some great examples of leather wallets from Alfred Dunhill and I will detail how a gentleman should use them in an outfit:

  Where possible, a man should plump for leather - it is sleek, elegant and traditionally classy plus the material is durable. There's really little point in investing in a series of cheap wallets when one will do. Similarly, cheap wallets are likely to have the brands' logo in huge print on them (this is particularly true of sports brands). A classier wallet would not have such obvious branding on their exterior and any logo should be subtle and minimal.  This York Billfold is a perfect example of such an item; it is effortlessly sophisticated

   This Sidecar Business Card Case is a sleek alternative to a traditional square wallet shape. Perfect for those, like myself, who have a large number of cards and business slips that need storing on a regular basis.

 As wallets are not always on display like the rest of the items named, men will often purchase them exclusively for their practicalities with little to no regard on how it will look yet, when displayed, they say as much about a man as any other part of their ensemble. It is because of this it is crucial that men should put more consideration into their choices rather than picking up the first thing they see. This Tan Ostrich leather wallet is a great example of a wallet that can be used for a male version of colour-blocking. So, for example, it's possible to add some extra life and pizzazz to a standard dark suit with the use of a tan shoe and belt combination; the addition of a similarly coloured wallet will really cement this.

   This Tan I-Pad case - which I found whilst browsing Dunhill's wallet collection - can be used in a similar fashion to the way, as described above, the Ostrich leather wallet can as part of an ensemble. Just seeing the case was a perfect reminder of how all items we select can be chosen specifically to represent the look we want to give out rather than letting everything be a happy accident - with a little bit of forethought a man can have an entire outfit coordinated.



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