OOTD: Men's Coloured Coat

Coat - What Wear / Jumper - Primark / Scarf - Topman 
 Fashion, in a lot of ways, is like the pub lunch. It should be a simple and easy thing to get right but, more often than not, people over complicate the matter and end up with a more flashy, ludicrous and ultimately poorer result. 

   For Friday dinner breaks - does anybody really want anything more complicated than fish and chips? The average customer would, more than likely, enjoy nothing more than sitting down with a freshly cooked and hearty meal rather than the current wave of gourmet dishes that are ruining the traditional public house dining experience. I don’t want eight different types of cheese when the more obvious alternative is to fry me a haddock. And this is the problem – too many men either don’t care what they eat or are living off of eight cheeses, nothing in between.

   To dress well is to dress simple (in the same way that to satiate the average Friday afternoon pub-goers appetite is to give them what they want). So, how, exactly are men going wrong? What are style trends they should be avoiding? How can they be more like a good haddock?

Trousers - Next
   Firstly, a good fit is nine tenths of the problem. In the same way many chefs don’t care whether they’re fulfilling their diner’s appetites as long as they’re using “inventive recipes”, many men don’t care whether clothes suit or fit them as long as they’ve paid a lot of money for them.  When we’re currently going through something of a golden age of men’s stock in high street stores, this is frankly ridiculous. Simply make sure that what you do have fits correctly and more often than not it will look infinitely better than an expensive item which does not.

    Secondly, there’s no need to use “fancy ingredients” – no man has ever looked bad in a pair of smart shoes, fitted (not drain-pipe) trousers, a shirt, jumper and jacket combination. No man. So, in the same way no Fish and Chips dish needs any more than two condiments, don’t think you need to re-invent the wheel with your approach to style. 

   For this outfit, I've kept it simple but not bland, with a standard fare combination of a jumper, coat, scarf trousers and shoes combination -  no onesies, no sports clothes; just simple good fitting attire.

   The main reason I put together this outfit was to showcase this coat I picked up from what might possibly be my new favourite e-bay store: What Wears

   With regards to the coat I have chosen - I love how it's one of the coloured men's coats I have seen which manages to shy away from looking like a novelty outfit whilst also bordering on sophistication too (although I have also been told that it wouldn't look out of place in Shaft).

Shoes - Dr Martens


  1. These shoes are very dapper, shock they're DM's, they can do no wrong!

    The Style Rawr!

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    1. Aye - Docs are maybe my fave brand, and I loved this degin.
      It was love at first site!

  2. I can't believe they're DM's. I love them.They remind me of Louis Armstrong for some reason. Did he wear similar? Who knows but I like em.

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    1. Haha I think he may well have done and, if not him, certainly jazz musicians of that era. And if not I'm glad you still think they're swell!

  3. really loving this look...all the colour and print, oh a feast for the eyes!! And agree unbelieveable that those shoes are DMs! This outfit reminds me a little of Doctor Who, but then in my book thats a very good thing indeed. Agree that staple items that are simple but lovely are the key to any wardrobe!

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    1. Ah yes - my folks said I have a hint of the Dr Who in my dressing some times too! Think its my love of scarves and bow ties!


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