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  Sometimes, sat behind a keyboard, it's easy to forget there are real people behind each of the blogs I peruse on-line each day filling the internet with their lovely thoughts, pictures and, in some unfortunate cases, incessant, cartoonish rage. Thankfully, I've found, when I've met bloggers face to face they're all a lovely bunch so I was very pleased to recently go out on the road and meet a few as of late!

   As I covered here at The Totality, I recently helped organise an event in Leeds where I met a few fantastic bloggers which enabled me to put faces to blog names and Twitter handles which was a rather nice experience. Last Sunday (this post is a touch late!) I attended my second blogger meet up , and this time took the trip down to Leek to do so - it was a wee voyage from my home up in picture-esque Bradford but certainly worth it.

   The day took place in a delightful coffee shop named Spout in which I got to finally meet some of my favourite bloggers (many of whom I've previously communicated with in a work capacity), be introduced to some wonderful new ones and catch up with a couple more names from the Leeds meet-up too!

   Overall the day was quite a fantastical one wonderfully organised by Maxine from A Girl I Know who arranged a couple of hair and beauty workshops (in The Pamper Pit and The Passion Pit ) as part of the festivities along with rather impressive goodie bags for us all. A big thanks needs to go out to Edwina Simone , Lydia Leith , Misco Chocolates , Coulson Macleod , Teapigs , Spout  and those cool, sexy bastards at Barratts shoes for donating an array of lovely things (pictured throughout the article). They're really good eggs.

Here's a quick list of all the attendees - I recommend checking out each of their sites:

Terri at Hello Terri Lowe
Joanna at Minty Essense
Kelly at Kel Loves...
Amelia at xameliax
Charl at Ginger Girl Says
Siobhan at The Hungry Bird
Sara at Waiste
Vic at Frankly Vic
Vicky at Golly Gosh
Spencer at Swish Spencor
Beth at Beth-SOS
Rachael at The New 6'2

and another special shout out to Maxine from A Girl I Know for doing such a super job organising this!


  1. Lovely gifts! I really need to try this popcorn tea :O


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  2. I'm from Leeds, which blogger event was it that you went to? I've yet to go to one. I always think I'll be the odd one out as the majority of the attendees will be female. Don't want to be the 'weird blogger dude' lol. BTW I've hit you up on Twitter.

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  3. Been new to blogging i'm always excited when i come across more bloggers in Leeds. This looked like a lovely little event, love Sammie.
    www.littleblondelife.com x

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