OOTD: Austin Reed Office Shirt

   Of all the oft-repeated mistakes made by fashion conscious individuals, the most popular is the belief that staying on trend and remaining smartly dressed for work are two mutually exclusive activities. To many individuals, the attire for office hours are either jeans and a T-shirt or, at the other extreme, a full three piece suit.

   To the left I've displayed my latest OOTD which incorporates a dress-down approach to office clothing. The ensemble consists of my new favourite trousers and this rather wonderful shirt from Austin Reed (which I may have done something of a dis-service to, having taken this photograph at the end of a hard day's work - this explaining the garment's rather creased state).

   What's fantastically wonderful about this shirt, aside from the rather subtle, sophisticated and elegant pinstripe motif, is the material from which it is made. As the weather is getting hotter it's easy to consider a short sleeve alternative as a fall-back in many cases; the lightweight material of the shirt, however, means that this avenue does not have to be pursued. It's a mark of quality that the shirt is not sweltering as the seasonal climate rises but, instead, remains exceedingly comfortable.

   Perhaps my favourite detailing of the shirt, however, is the "double cuff" feature (see top left picture) which fasten with a delightfully unique cuff-link-esque device instead of standard buttons. It simultaneously gives the shirt an old fashioned (in the best possible way) and contemporary feel at the same time; something which helps elevate the garment away from a traditionally conservative office attire into a more on trend piece.

* This shirt was kindly provided to me by Austin Reed

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  1. I've never had one of their shirts but increasingly been hearing lots of good things about their garments! As always nice review Mr K!

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    1. It's fantastic quality I must say - their designs might be a bit conservative for some but I give them a double thumbs up especially in terms of office wear.

  2. Interesting to see the unique cuff link design, certainly a nice change from the standard buttons. Also I agree with you on the point about having to wear short sleeves - I find it's a shame to lose the arms - I find in some ways it goes against the reasoning behind wearing shirts in the first place! Great posts; look forward to reading more.


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    1. Definitely agree with you re: long sleeved shirts; its about aesthetics as much as practicality sometimes.

      Thanks for leaving a comment; appreciated!

  3. With help from the right people, being a stylish man is easy. Dressing well often has more to do with the right color and fit of a garment than the designer label underneath. Pay attention to your budget and choose pieces that either fit well now or can be slightly altered to look like you walked off the runway.But these are really an awesome shirt regarding office works.

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